WTW?! Yes, it’s one of those topics this morning. So what is “dry brushing” really? This friggin simple method of exfoliation is a very inexpensive way to give your temple some lovin’. All it takes is purchasing a large natural bristle body brush, preferably one with a long handle, and thoroughly brushing in circular movements throughout the entire temple before you shower.
Why do this nonsense, you ask? Not only because you want a “silky smooth” temple but this method of exfoliation also assists the largest organ with the following: • Improves circulation to rev of your temple’s skin life cycle so the new beautifully glowing skin is always present. Not to mention this also help with minimizing the appearance of “cottage cheese” aka cellulite! •Assists with preventing those yucky gooked up pores that lead to blackheads! Ummmm….gross!😨💔 •Assists with the exchange of “trash” aka waste of toxins and “goodies” aka nutrients the largest organ of the temple deals with every second of the day!