So you want to be a stoner? Carrying stones have many advantages that improve your day to day life. Here are a few reasons why you should GET STONED to get you started on your journey.

1. Raise your vibration.
Stones are developed in the earth over millions of years. They absorb certain vibrations as they develop. When you carry the stone, especially close to your skin, that same vibration that comes from millions of years of development becomes part of your vibration. Talk about buzzing! Um Yes PLEASE!!

2. Protect Yourself.
Unfortunately everyone’s intentions are not good. There are haters and even though they motivate us to shine bright, they may send us very bad vibes. Certain stones are just for blocking bad vibes. Carrying these make you immune to your haters bad energy. So when they throw shade you can still have on your sun glasses because your shine is still bright.

3. Healing Help.
Broken heart, need to make a presentation, need motivation, stability, well need anything really there is a stone for that! Stones can help with healing in physical pain, emotional pain, and bring about a spiritual awareness. Meditating with your stone can give you the ultimate high and help to calm your day and help you face any challenges before they come.

Stones just ROCK in all areas!

There are a million reasons you should totally Get Stoned!  Carrying stones allow for you to live a more holistically happy and calm life. Find a stone that fits your mood and groove with it.

​One Love, One Heart, Namaste