#teambrazilian cheerleaders

So, who are the best cheerleaders for Brazilian waxing? Believe it or not, husbands, spouses, boyfriends, and/or significant others! Yes!

I’m usually referred to as the “Wax lady” and it’s noted on mental calenders like mortgage payments by these “cheerleaders” when it’s time for my goddesses next maintenance session. I find myself cacklin” at how my cheerleaders sell the bennies of my service. Here are just a few…

• Hair grows back slow and fine, without sharp edge resulting from shaving.

• Skin is soft because waxing is a form of exfoliation
• Reduces risk of ingrown hair
• Most importantly, it’s just friggin’ sexy! There is no confidence comparable to a Goddess with a freshly waxed Yoni. I’m just saying…. ♡

So, next time you’re contemplating venturing to #teambrazilian, simply ask the spouse of one of my precious goddesses. Because they are undoubtedly my best supporters. True story! 😉 ♡

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