Here are 5 ways to keep it together during the holiday season mentally and physically. Often times we fall off because of the overwhelm of family, friends, and making sure that they are satisfied one way or the other. Take these suggestions and try to KEEP CALM.

1. Take care of YOU. We always put others before ourselves and can end up not enjoying the time we have to gather with family we may have not seen in a long time. To quote one of my yogini friends “If my floors don’t shine, its ok.”

2. Practice Love. I know it’s hard especially with that Uncle or Cousin that has been a bother since day one and you can’t stand them. But try practicing love. Actively. A good affirmation for love is: I love completely and unconditionally. 

3. Stay on track. I don’t mean don’t eat a piece of pie. What I mean is if you are vegan make sure it’s pie made without butter, milk, eggs, or any other animal product.  I mean if you don’t eat pork, don’t get a slice of ham. Stick to your lifestyle change that you decided to make. There are many many alternatives. Be honest with yourself and be empowered. Is it a lifestyle change you are really making or are you just wanting to lose a few pounds to gain back? Do you just want to allow your health to get better for just a little while? One spoon full won’t hurt, right? NO that is a self limiting belief that you need something. Attachment is unnecessary. Stay on track.

4. Practice yoga on and off the mat. During the holidays most of us gather together with our family. Those who know us more than anyone. Those we love more than anyone. Emotions are high and all over the place. Depending on where you are in your yoga practice there is an endless number of ways this energy can be handled. My tool of choice is a Suyra Namaskar (Sun Saluation) 10 or 15 in a row depending on time. I mix it up and keep it moving. Then I stretch in Eka Pada Rajakapotasana (One Leg King Pigeon) or Hanumanasana (Split) or both, and a Savasana (Rest). I rest for about 5-10 mins then I meditate for 5-30 mins depending on time. This can be a 20 min to 90 min flow here. Depending on how much you think you need. Write your own prescription. Keep your mind and heart on gratitude. You are simply here to be. No expectations. Just be here. Let your practice pour off of your mat.

5. Be thankful everyday. Most important. Maybe keep a gratitude journal and write down why you are thankful daily and return to it when you are feeling adjitated or any type of way about your situation.

One Love, One Heart, Namaste