It’s not unusual for me to receive a response that my brow sculpting and microblading sessions are a bit pricey. Especially, when I have a new client that is accustom to paying less for a brow wax at their local nail salon, mall, or Walmart.

Daily, I provide sessions to clients that have been victims of brow homicides. The following are some frustrations I frequently hear of: •Waiting months (at least 16 weeks or longer) for brows to grow back •Waking up daily disheartened with how the symmetry and aesthetic beauty of their face has been significantly altered simply by a rip of a poorly unstrategically placed wax strip •Being subject to facial burns due to poor quality wax and an unempathetic, unskilled, professional. •Session atmosphere not so comfortable (broom closets setup for waxing services) •Poor customer service. We must practice treating others in the manner in which we would like to be treated, simply.

Furthermore, when one has been subjected to any or all these catastrophic events, the cost for my care, skill, experience, and time is insignificant.

So ask yourself, how much does your serenity and face truly mean to you…?

~The rational why “I charge what I charge” for my
Microblading sessions~

For the last two years of my journey with Microblading, I’ve had the experience to cultivate my own process from my ongoing Phibrow trainings and Nursing/Aesthetician background to achieve the utmost aesthetic appearance for natural brows. Because that is my intention. Natural looking brows.

Beauty is all within nature and is simply symmetry. The more symmetry there is, the more visuals appease our eyes. Yes, believe it. It’s this basic…

Time, patience, and planning. Those are my “ingredients”. My session is not a “walkin’ or same day service. I MUST mentally prepare myself, plan for OUR session, ASSESS your bone structure, brow hair deficits, skin undertones and HEALTH, PREP the area to cultivate shape, and most importantly become AWARE of your expectations PRIOR to your initial session so WE, as a team, can achieve the most optimal appearance. Because it is your “Face” but it is seriously my “Art”…

Furthermore, this is the rationale why I charge what I charge for Microblading. So save money on your storebrand ketchup. Not on your brows…💋