This was something I asked myself after an intense yoga class where I would leave crying almost hysterically for what seemed for no plausible reason. There I would be in my driveway trying to get my life together before going into my home with my family. Crying…. crying until I couldn’t cry anymore. But believe it or not, I actually would feel so much better or simply “lighter”. Almost like weight had been lifted from my body.

Hindsight, I’ve learned I was “breaking through”
stored emotions that had created blockages within my body. Ever heard of the phrase “Issues in your tissues”? Yes, there is truth behind it. So, we have “rivers” within our bodies that allow energy to flow freely. But when we have feelings suppressed anger, guilt, blame, sadness etc. that aren’t addressed, they can be “stored” creating “dams” that block free flowing energy and may contribute to disease, dysfunction, and/or illness. Exercise including yoga, are natural alternatives to break through the “dams” so energy can free flow once again.

Furthermore, these emotional meltdowns, what may seem catastrophic at the time, following exercise or yoga are normal and actually a healthy way to release emotions. So, simply let it out and breathe a little lighter.